The following classes are permitted for all players:

Class Source
Alchemist Advanced Player’s Guide, page 26
Arcanist Advanced Class Guide, page 8
Barbarian Pathfinder Unchained, page 8
Bard Core Rulebook, page 34
Bloodrager Advanced Class Guide, page 15
Brawler Advanced Class Guide, page 23
Cavalier Advanced Player’s Guide, page 32
Cleric Core Rulebook, page 38
Druid Core Rulebook, page 48
Fighter Core Rulebook, page 55
Hunter Advanced Class Guide, page 26
Inquisitor Advanced Player’s Guide, page 38
Investigator Advanced Class Guide, page 30
Kineticist Occult Adventures, page 10
Magus Ultimate Magic, page 9
Medium Occult Adventures, page 30
Mesmerist Occult Adventures, page 38
Monk1 Pathfinder Unchained, page 14
Occultist Occult Adventures, page 46
Oracle Advanced Player’s Guide, page 42
Paladin Core Rulebook, page 60
Psychic Occult Adventures, page 60
Ranger Core Rulebook, page 64
Rogue Pathfinder Unchained, page 20
Shaman Advanced Class Guide, page 35
Skald Advanced Class Guide, page 49
Slayer Advanced Class Guide, page 53
Sorcerer Core Rulebook, page 70
Spiritualist Occult Adventures, page 72
Summoner Pathfinder Unchained, page 25
Swashbuckler Advanced Class Guide, page 56
Warpriest Advanced Class Guide, page 60
Witch Advanced Player’s Guide, page 65
Wizard Core Rulebook, page 77

The following less common classes are also available to players, subject to GM approval:

Class Source
Antipaladin2 Advanced Player’s Guide, page 118
Gunslinger Ultimate Combat, page 9
Ninja Ultimate Combat, page 13
Samurai Ultimate Combat, page 18
Vigilante Ultimate Intrigue, page 9

See the class description page for more information on the class’s abilities and role in Athri, as well as a list of available archetypes and class abilities. Also see Prestige Classes for information on available prestige classes. As always, consult with the GM before you make your character.

1 Archetypes are not compatible with the version of the monk that appears in Pathfinder Unchained. If you wish to create a monk with an archetype, you may instead use the version that appears in the Core Rulebook.

2 Antipaladins are referred to as forsaken.


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