There are a large number of gods in the Athrian pantheon, each governing specific aspects of the universe. Each god has his or her own plane of existence; for all the power the gods possess, they cannot travel to other planes. They may communicate with others beyond their own realms, however, and can depend on their servants to carry out their will on other planes if needed.

The major deities of the pantheon are detailed in the table below. Clerics may choose to worship any, all, or none of them. Pantheistic clerics are often members of the Church of Unity and may select any two domains or subdomains that do not conflict with one another. Clerics who opt not to worship any deities are philosophers and may likewise select any two domains or subdomains. All domain and subdomain selections are subject to GM approval.

Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Subdomains Inquisitions
Anra chaotic good family, love, healing chaos, charm, community, good, healing, liberation, protection, repose ancestors, azata, family, home, love, purity, restoration, resurrection conversion, heresy
Alluria chaotic neutral enchantment, the fey chaos, charm, knowledge, liberation, luck, madness, magic, plant, trickery arcane, deception, freedom, growth, lust conversion, heresy
Bota true neutral plants, vegetation earth, healing, plant, sun, weather day, decay, growth, light, restoration, seasons conversion, heresy
Chalm neutral good cities, trade, messengers artifice, charm, community, good, knowledge, luck, travel, weather exploration, fate, trade conversion, heresy
Cloak chaotic neutral shadows, trickery, thieves chaos, charm, darkness, knowledge, liberation, luck, travel, trickery deception, exploration, freedom, night, revolution, thievery, trade conversion, heresy
Dalvenara chaotic good beauty, the arts artifice, chaos, charm, good, knowledge, magic, rune, sun arcane, language, light conversion, heresy
Draxion chaotic evil disaster air, chaos, darkness, destruction, earth, evil, fire, water, weather ash, catastrophe, loss, rage, smoke, storms, wind conversion, heresy
Eclan lawful good riding, hunting animal, community, glory, good, law, plant, strength, travel, war archon, exploration, heroism, resolve, tactics conversion, heresy
Ferren neutral good agriculture animal, artifice, community, earth, good, healing, plant, sun, water, weather day, family, feather, fur, growth, home, restoration, seasons, toil conversion, heresy
Gnarr chaotic evil pain, rage chaos, destruction, evil, liberation, madness, strength, war blood, demon, ferocity, insanity, rage, revolution anger, conversion
Golbadin lawful good magic, thought artifice, charm, good, healing, knowledge, law, magic, rune arcane, construct, divine, language, memory, restoration, resurrection, thought, wards conversion, heresy
Grauger true neutral animals animal, healing, liberation, strength feather, ferocity, freedom, fur, restoration conversion, heresy
Hallikon lawful neutral stone, crafting, metalwork artifice, earth, fire, law, strength construct, metal, toil conversion, heresy
Idra chaotic good air, weather air, animal, chaos, good, liberation, luck, travel, weather cloud, exploration, freedom, seasons, storms, wind conversion, heresy
Kamash chaotic neutral strength, giants animal, artifice, chaos, destruction, earth, liberation, rune, strength, war blood, caves, ferocity, rage, resolve, toil, wards anger, conversion, heresy
Leyada neutral good light, souls, spring glory, good, healing, knowledge, liberation, luck, magic, plant, repose, sun, water, weather agathion, ancestors, divine, fate, growth, honor, light, memory, resurrection, seasons, souls, thought conversion, fate, heresy
Martesh lawful good justice community, glory, law, protection, rune defense, home, honor, inevitables, purity, thought, wards conversion, heresy
Nethark neutral evil death, disease darkness, death, evil, repose, war blood, loss, murder, souls, undead conversion, heresy
Otolo neutral evil murder, stealth darkness, death, evil, trickery, war blood, loss, murder, night, tactics, thievery conversion, heresy
Partheiron lawful good honor, protection, rulership community, glory, good, law, nobility, protection, strength, war archon, defense, heroism, honor, leadership, martyr, purity, resolve, tactics conversion, heresy
Ryllek lawful evil manipulation charm, evil, knowledge, law, magic, trickery arcane, deception, lust conversion, heresy
Senyn neutral evil cold, winter air, darkness, evil, water, weather ice, night, seasons, storms, wind conversion, heresy
Sheboath chaotic neutral the moon, madness, shapechangers chaos, charm, darkness, luck, madness, magic, trickery arcane, curse, deception, insanity, night, nightmare conversion
Shemir lawful evil fire, the sun, thirst evil, fire, law, sun, weather ash, day, light, seasons, smoke conversion, heresy
Sushas chaotic neutral water, the sea chaos, liberation, luck, madness, travel, water, weather exploration, ice, insanity, nightmares, trade, storms conversion, heresy
Thiriel true neutral sorrow, autumn darkness, madness, plant, repose, weather decay, loss, nightmares, seasons conversion, heresy
Vollashia lawful neutral fate, time, prophecy knowledge, law, luck, magic, rune, sun divine, fate, inevitables, language, memory, thoughts conversion, fate, heresy
Yulithex chaotic evil decay, corruption chaos, darkness, death, destruction, evil, luck, madness, plant catastrophe, curse, decay, insanity, loss, nightmares, undead conversion, heresy
Zevarik lawful evil conquest, tyranny, slavery charm, community, destruction, evil, glory, law, nobility, strength, war blood, catastrophe, devil, heroism, home, honor leadership, resolve, tactics anger, conversion, heresy

For ease of reference, the deities are arranged here according to alignment:

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Eclan Chalm Anra
Golbadin Ferren Dalvenara
Martesh Leyada Idra
Neutral Hallikon Bota Alluria
Vollashia Grauger Cloak
Thiriel Kamash
Evil Ryllek Nethark Draxion
Shemir Otolo Gnarr
Zevarik Senyn Yulithex

In addition, there are an even larger number of demigods, lesser immortal beings who have ascended to great power. They are sometimes called saints, paragons, or ascendants. Some serve the gods directly, while others pursue their own aims. Although they do not command the amount of divine power that the gods do, they are able to travel the planes as they please.


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