The following wild talents are available to kineticists:

Utility Source
Earthmeld Ultimate Intrigue, page 66
Elemental Whispers Horror Adventures, page 57
Elemental Whispers, Greater Horror Adventures, page 57
Flame Trap Ultimate Intrigue, page 66
Touchsight, Spying Ultimate Intrigue, page 66
Voice of the Wind, Greater Ultimate Intrigue, page 66
Watersense, Greater Ultimate Intrigue, page 66

The following archetypes are available to kineticists:

Archetype Source
Blood Kineticist Occult Adventures, page 88
Dark Elementalist Horror Adventures, page 56
Elemental Annihilator Occult Adventures, page 89
Elemental Ascetic Occult Adventures, page 90
Kinetic Chirurgeon Occult Adventures, page 90
Overwhelming Soul Occult Adventures, page 91
Psychokineticist Horror Adventures, page 56


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