The following are special rules that will be in effect during the Athri campaign. If you have any questions about these rules, please consult the GM.

Karma Cards

In a variation of the hero point system delineated in the Advanced Player’s Guide, the GM will award playing cards to deserving players. Each card can be redeemed for a +10 bonus on any d20 roll that that player makes. There is no limit on the number of cards a player can have at one time, and they do not expire at the end of a game session, although only one card can be used to augment any given die roll. Cards can be awarded for any sort of excellence, be it out-of-character helpful behavior or humor, or in-character cleverness or great role-playing. Any player may nominate any other player (or him/herself) to receive a card as a recognition of excellence, but abuse of this system will result in fewer cards being distributed.

Weapon Group Proficiency

The standard weapon proficiency system is not in use in Athri. Instead, characters are proficient in their choice of groups of related weapons. See the Weapon Group Proficiency page for further details.


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